Creator not signed up message

Hi all,

When going to my website I see this message that “the creator did not sign up yet to recieve contributions from brave users.”

My website is verified, so what am I missing?

Thanks a lot

Hi @TravellingTechGuy,

Do you have a verified Uphold account connected to your Creator account?

@eljuno Yes, just checked… first it seemed ok… and now it’s showing as not signed up again…

@eljuno possible that it takes some time to update? I created the creator account last year but lost track of it until now where I got an email about pending reward… so I Just verified the Uphold account 30 min ago.

Maybe because this one :point_up:
The recent changes to the requirements’s publishers need a verified Uphold account connected in order to receive the contribution.

We can wait for 24-48 hours for your Brave to update the local publishers list and see if it changes.

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