Creator not receiving tips and brave not showing anymore ads

Problem 1) I am also a creator but my website didn’t receive the tip that I sent

Problem 2) Brave is not showing anymore ads (already received in the past) on my desktop browser (windows 10), laptop (windows 10) and also android mobile. I have also problem

INFO Creator
I sent by myself a tip to my website just to try. Never received

INFO Browser
I have only one Uphold account for all my browsers brave and the same one is also for my creator account.
I already checked my options on brave setting but still nothing.

Some blogs suggest to send to support (by mail) the Key Info Seed (Wallet Payment ID, Persona ID, User ID, Wallet created) is that true and which mail exactly ([email protected])?

Thanks for your help.

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No answer yet. I am the only one that has this problem on Brave Browser desk top and the only creator that is not receiving tips?

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Same happening to me. Tipped on github (from android) and tips are not showing anywhere.
Are they supposed to be in uphold, is it right ?

Please do not tip yourself – it is likely to get flagged as fraudulent behavior.
Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say you’re not seeing ads “anymore”? How long has it been since you’ve seen your last Ad? Note that you can view your 7-day ads history by going to Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ads --> 7-day Ads history

I am also receiving limit ad only 10 to 15 ad daily on my windows 10. Before I was getting more ad. I don’t know what happened to me.

Hi @Mattches,
thanks for your reply.

Just updated on android and i received a few new ads. Before that it was more than 2 weeks without receiving ads.

For the self tipping: i own an ipad and an android phone. Is it considered self tipping if i tip my websites form there?
Ipad and android have 2 differents ip ( different sims), not linked in any chain.
So if it still would be considered self tipping, is there a way to i link ipad/android/desktop to the same uphold account ?


Yes it would still be considered self-tipping.

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On mobile, not yet. Wallet verification support for mobile is coming.

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