Creator not receiving BAT tipped

@chriscat and @steeven I’ll actually tag you on this as well. I’m tagging in as I had someone who also had tipped me, but it’s not showing up. They had sent via vBAT.

New Tab - Brave 3_26_2023 21_18_33

Usually it shows up kind of right along. I’m not sure if it’s just a minor delay or what might be happening. But at least wanted to say it does seem to be a problem at this time where it’s not showing up in Creators or anything.

Thanks for flagging @Saoiray, did you end up receiving this tipped BAT? Or is it still not showing?

@steeven still not showing. When I log into Creators, I still see what I showed in the screenshot in my prior message.

Btw, Chriscat messaged me over on Twitter as I had made him aware of this topic. He messaged me back at 7:43am my time today (so little less than 3 hours ago) to advise that he’s asking Creators team. (I never know for sure who "Creators team is, lol).

Figured I’d mention so you guys can be in touch if was working separately at all. Hopefully can get it figured out, whatever the cause. Not sure how many others might be impacted.

I am experiencing a similar issue. Should I create a separate topic for the same thing or tag along here?

I was tipped over 4 days ago and it still hasn’t shown up. Like Saoiray mentioned, the tips usually arrive seconds after being sent.

@Dheadrick I’d wait. I know they are looking into it. Figure we’ll see if they ask for any additional information, such as if the people who tipped may need to contact with their Rewards ID or something. But I’m hoping they’ll be able to discover what’s happening without it and resolve it for us.

Only thing I don’t know is if they’ll resolve it before payments process or if it might be delayed a month. In any case, just trusting enough that they will figure it out and get the BAT to us.

That’s great news. I’m sure they will figure it out. Thanks.

@Saoiray do you have the Rewards Internals for the profile that made these tips

@chriscat I’ve contacted them via Reddit and will DM if I hear back from them.

@Dheadrick and @rog_wage just FYI, not been forgotten. I know I sent some info to Chriscat last week and been waiting to hear back. I should have also updated on this topic last week to say I sent the information that Chriscat had requested when I last responded too.

What’s interesting here though is some tips are going through. So I’m not sure what Brave might end up seeing on their end, but it’s kind of clear at this point that at least some tips for some of us aren’t being received. Hopefully they’ll provide a bit of an update to us as they investigate.

This seems related to this issue I brought up just yesterday…

A friend tipped me 53 BAT this morning but it hasn’t arrived… this is a screenshot of their tip summary screen…


When the creator page DOES manage to load occasionally after minutes of buffering, the amount doesn’t show up as received.

@Dheadrick I don’t think they are related. It seems to be something else going on. So last month:

Then I had someone who tipped big because worried of sunsetting. They were trying to be awesome to help me out.

New Tab - Brave 3_26_2023 21_18_33

I raised the issues about it but in the interim, I noticed on April 2:

So some tips from people are getting through, while others are getting lost. I’m not sure if the difference is in whether they are connected to a custodial account or if it’s something else. Just stuck waiting while they look. Hopefully won’t be much longer before they figure it out and get back to us.

Out of curiosity, was that vBAT or BAT? In other words, they connected to a custodial partner like Uphold?

vBAT. They are not connected to a custodial account.

I just checked and the dashboard seems to be working fine for now. However, what will happen to tips that were sent during the past week that still haven’t shown up? I’m hoping they are still working on locating missing vBAT that has been tipped over the past week.

@Dheadrick they contacted me today to say was going to be touching base with the dev who was looking into it. In some of the testing they did, wasn’t seeing issues. We also know that some tips have come through on mine. So they are trying to look and figure out where things are going wrong.

Just keep in mind, sometimes things with Brave just takes a while. Not saying to be happy about it, as I know I’m not. But have learned just to try to go with the flow. To this point Brave has never done me wrong. There’s been annoyances like this, where suddenly payments are shorted or delayed, but they usually catch it and make up for it.

hi any update on this @brave devs coz the amount has still not reflected
its 40 bats which is lot to me
( i am same rog_wage facing problem to login so using this id )
what are my options now i can’t wait any more

@thinkaboutdeath TH are you talking about?
You won’t be getting someone’s bat this way.

@thinkaboutdeath to my knowledge they are still looking into it. But not sure what’s taking so long. Big issue from what I’ve seen is relating to vBAT, as that’s where issue seems to be occurring. While they aren’t saying as much, I think the system might be been made stricter due to the number of people who have been trying to sell their vBAT or to offer services to circumvent restrictions. For example, here are three people who have contacted me on Reddit or Twitter. I’m only showing full conversation on the third, but I answered similar for all:

Person 1

Captures 4_16_2023 13_06_39

Person 2

New Tab - Brave 4_16_2023 13_00_01

Person 3

Photos 4_16_2023 13_09_12

Photos 4_16_2023 13_10_11

Photos 4_16_2023 13_11_37


Unlike what Person 3 argued, you can and will get suspended even just for one transaction. I had someone who literally just tipped me, as they wanted it to go to someone rather than disappear later. So they tipped without asking for anything in return. Guess what happened?


As I was bringing it up to people, I learned people have been flagged. Was one who had their account suspended just because they received a 30 BAT tip from someone.

But yeah, increase of all of this, I think it’s just been flagging a lot of things. I still trying to work with them to get the 200 (well, 199.75 BAT, minus 5% would be 189.7625 BAT or so, but yeah) I mentioned earlier on this topic. But also going to have to see what happens for all of us.

you know what this is called in my country ?
its plain daylight theft

leaving your users with no options to redeem their bats which they deserve and now teaching them lesson of morality is totally hollow on your side

mark my account ban me but fck this crappy system
stop saying bat will sunset just admit you will snatch away the 1000s bats from even legit users to punish few bat grinders

the guys trying to redeem it in any way are Absolutely fine its you guys who are immoral and destroying the system

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