Creator Brave Rewards not received

Hello guys,

It seems that my rewards for the last month were lost. Up until yesterday it showed that I have 4.8BAT payment in progress (it went through all statuses until the last one).
Today however I checked my account and those 4.8BAT disappeared and it only show my amount to be payed for the next payment window.
The last confirmed deposit is from November, when I got about 27BAT.
Also checked my uphold account and the balance isn’t changed nor do I have any pending payments to my account.

Could you please let me know what happened with my rewards?


uphold. have a connection?

The minimum payout is 5BAT anything less than that wont be paid and you will have to wait till next payout if you get more than 5BAT. Hope you will find that answer helpful

Ok then, so it was about the minimum payout? I didn’t know there was a limit of 5BAT. I guess I will wait until next month for the payment then

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