Creator accounts disconnected


I had two YouTube accounts connected with my creator/publisher account. Today I see that both those are disconnected. I am using even the reflink of those to find referrals and until now worked everything ok. I’m afraid what will happen in the future.

Could you please check and fix?
@eljuno @steeven

Hey @rolak - just to confirm, you did not disconnect them, but they disconnected on their own? We’re you able to re-connect?

No @steeven. I enter at my account only to see my referrals data. I don’t know in which way and when those are disconnected. And I don’t know in which way can be re-connected. May I do something that it needed to do? I see that is a command “Remove”. Needed to remove accounts and then added again? But reflinks connected with the accounts work again or it will be new ones. Thanks.

@eljuno please give an answer.

Can you DM me the email linked to your Creator account? Thanks @rolak!

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I DM-ed my email @steeven but as I can see, after 22 hours, no one have opened the DM :frowning:

Looking now @rolak :slight_smile:

Thanks @steeven. I am posting here again my problem. See the arrow:

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