Creator account to bypass uphold

Hey there! Anyone interested in trying to sort out a way to bypass the uphold log jamming? I’m not able to use any of my 50-ish BAT because of the uphold limit problem with verifying my phone. The idea is to create a creator account and then tip BAT there and pull it out through the creator account. Anyone else try something like this and succeed?

Hey there back at ya :smiley: You will probably get flagged if you do this. Once flagged, you don’t receive or earn BAT on ads. It may take a while to get the flag removed. Many have tried and many are flagged. :wink:

From r/BATProject troubleshooting FAQ:

May I tip myself in order to withdraw my earnings through my creator account?

Self-tipping with BAT you’ve earned via Brave Ads is strongly discouraged, though it is technically not against the rules. We do not recommend self-tipping because self-tips can still activate our fraud detection filters. If you self-tip, please be prepared to explain your situation in case your creators account is flagged or suspended.

Well, I appreciate the heads up. Going to keep working with steeven to see what I can sort out, but might take my chances with this option down the road if I keep running into other dead ends!

Something else I considered was trying to come up with a simple system to trade with other folks. I tip you, you tip me kind of thing. High risk of getting scammed that way though. Would love to have a third party to broker something like this.

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I’m aware of the unlinking option with uphold. Problem is that I’m not going to have this phone forever! What happens when this phone bites the dust?

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I don’t see the option to use Gemini with my phone. It only gives the option to link to uphold.

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as they said, they will add the Gemini option in the phone soon


i think you can disconnect your phone with no problem

Hopefully they roll out Gemini to the phone before this one poops out on me!

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yes, I hope so …

yeah i hope they can add gemini on android

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