Creator account showing not verified on android/ios brave

I recently sign up as a creator with Brave. In desktop browser it shows me as verified creator, but on Android or ios browser it shows unverified.
Refresh status button just gets stuck and doesn’t updated the status.
I am using latest Brave from stores.

Can someone help?

From the moment you finish the verification process, your channel is verified, you can go to and search for your channels. Brave requires ±72 hours (on desktop) and up to 1 week (on mobile) to update its local publishers list before the channel/site can appear verified.
You will be still able to receive tips/contributions from other users right now. Your channels should appear verified for you shortly.

If you channel is not appearing verified after 1 week, please let us know.

Also please note that self-tipping is highly likely to get your account flagged by our fraud detection and you should not tip your own channels.

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