Creator account get banned

Hello brave community, I have used brave browser since 5 months and get very impressed of security, ads blocking,communtiy,marks of words and ads rewards. But today when i open brave-creator, my account was suspended. First i want to say that why i created brave creator account. I recommended my many friend’s to install brave browser in their phone as well as laptop.So all of them are non-crypto people they dont know how crypto work and how to transfer bat to uphold. So i suggest them to tip in my brave-creator using my github account this was easy and they did it. I pay them with liquid cash in replace of getting bat as per as market rate. I got to know about BAT grant guideline only after i got banned. I think i got banned because in my git account,there is not much contents in it for others. I also installed brave browser on all computer available in my brother labs where he teach computers to children. I have already paid 10$-15$+ or around 1500 rupees money to my friends for sending bat in my git.I almost recommended 10-15 friends to install it. Please do something or i will loose all money. I have hope on brave community that they will soon fix this. ThankYou

As instructed, please reach out to for assistance with your suspended Creators account.