Creative payments

My account was linked to my UPHOLD wallet on the 1st of this month, but between the 3rd and 12th of this month, my account always failed to connect, now fixed. Will I be paid for September? Dear @steeven

Yes you should receive payment as normal.

Thanks. I think I spelled it wrong. What I want to say: I linked my Creator Account to my UPHOLD wallet on the 1st of this month. I have some BAT balance left in September. Between the 3rd and 12th of this month my account gave a connection error and I disconnected. I linked my account again today. Will I still receive the September payments?

I understood what you meant. Since you created the wallet on the first of this month you may need to wait until next pay period for your payout – I will reach out to the team to confirm.

Hi @Mattches can I DM you? I never heard back of @steeven on his request of screenshots of my brave rewards. And I still didn’t get the BAT on my other devices brave rewards despite the fact that steeven said that the wallet linking fix is implemented already.

If you want to, but my answer is likely going to be the same. I believe that you’re going to have to wait until next the next pay period.

Hi @Mattches

I too have similar matter to @EmrahG. However, when I checked again yesterday, my account was back to being connected to uphold. I have 9.5 BAT from tips on my creator account that seems not getting processed. Then I see this forum announcement ( that creator reward will start the process On 13 October 2021. So, this means creator tips are still in progress? The dashboard on my account seems like it is finished processing. Could you inform me on this? Thank you.

Creator payouts have not finished processing yet. You should receive your payout this month as expected.

Thank you for confirming. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Tengo un duda similar … el mes de septiembre vincule mi cuenta uphold a mi cuenta de brave creadores y cuando revise mi cuenta de creadores el 2 de octubre me salia que debía re conectar mi cuenta de uphold re conecte mi cuenta ese mismo día . Mi duda es recibiré mi pago del mes de septiembre ?