Creating new tabs


This is a suggestion for a feature request for Brave.
I have been using Firefox with TabMixPlus for years and I like the way it makes internet browsing easier than with other browsers.
The feature(s) provided by TabMixPlus that I am looking for are for creating new tabs.
I have TabMixPlus setup to open a new tab when I type into the address bar (URL or search) or click on a bookmark. This prevents my currently open tabs from being overwritten when opening a new site from the address bar or a bookmark.
I realize I could do this with a hotkey when clicking on a bookmark or by opening a new tab and then entering the URL/search, but this way I’ve described is so much easier and takes less time to load/think about.

If this functionality was made to work with Brave, I’d be happy with just an enable/disable switch in settings or an extension.