Create possibility for separate tipping banners per channel


I have an account with 2 websites (channels) that I own. But the channels have nothing in common with each other. A blockchain website and a cycling website. Unfortunately it’s only possible to create 1 tipping banner. So, now the users of the cycling website get the tipping banner of my blockchain website. This is not cool.

Originally it went ok since I had 2 separate channels (accounts). But… I was forced to merge the channels in 1 account since that @#$%^&* Uphold does not accept 2 accounts of 1 person (KYC). Therefore I moved my cycling site to my blockchain account. Not a great solution, but it worked. Until I encountered this issue…

I was intended to create a news message at my cycling website that we support Brave and an explanation to download and use it. But I will not do that for now until this issue is solved.

Please can you solve this asap?

Preferred solution:
Create possibility to use my own wallets for the payments, so that I can work independently from Uphold. In that case I am able again to manage 2 separate channels with their own tipping banners.

@Herman_N you able to create different tipping banner for each channel/site. See Different Tipping Banners For Different Channels?

Hi @eljuno,

thanks for the quick response. Great.

Maybe it’s a hint to place all options per channel into one single block at the website. This makes it more intuitive. UX design.

But for now, many thanks.

Best regards, Herman

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