Create new folder when adding bookmark?


Couldn’t find this already so hopefully I’m not being repetitive, or being repetitive.

When adding a bookmark, there is no option to create a new folder to put it in, at that time. I’m used to this from all other browsers… I hit Ctrl-D, then New Folder, name it, then save. Wishing I could do that in Brave too.


I noticed this problem as well. Unfortunately the only way around it seems to be opening Bookmarks and then manually adding one to other bookmarks or a folder that you create.
Even after making the new folder it doesn’t show in the drop down menu when you click the little star by the address bar. Definitely should be implemented as it is standard on all other browsers that I know of!


Thanks for the feedback @scoiner @desertsun157,
I’m sorry for late response.

Added you comment as +1 and the request is logged here

Thanks for reporting @desertsun157. Would you mind share your Brave version and your OS?
Added you report as +1 and the issue logged here

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