Crashing like a hell on OOS

Brave is crashing continuously on my OnePlus Nord OOS 11

When you minimise browser with opened search engine website (eg.“”) and then again comeback to search something else… Browser will crash,this is happening every single time when i come back to surfing…

Brave 1.50.114, Chromium 112.0.5615.49

DEVICE - Oneplus Nord (IN)

@NoName42 if you go to brave://crashes it should show list of crashes. If it shows a submit button, then go ahead and submit them. Then share the crash report ID(s) here. That will let Support and/or developers take a better look at what’s going on.

I don’t see any “submit” but instead i saw “send now” button, i clicked and nothing happened

@NoName42 Ah, seems you disabled it at some point. Not sure if intentional or what happened. If you to SettingsBrave Shields & Privacy you’ll see an option that says Automatically send diagnostic reports. It’s towards the bottom of the menu when you’re there, like the 5th option from the bottom.

Make sure that toggle is on and then when you go to brave://crashes you should be able to submit those and get the crash report ID.

Looking forward to getting a couple Crash IDs so that we can take a closer look for you, @NoName42. Thank you in advance!

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Aah! I see…But after toggling on problem seems the same!!!

Edit 1 : Should i toggle on “Show Developer Details” because after that i can see some “Local Crash Context” with some random alphanumeric.

Edit 2: After

Could you please zoom-in on some of those, and show what is written in smaller text beneath the main line for each crash entry. Only the first one or two should suffice.


Thank you. Please do a complete restart of the browser application (force it to close/restart) and see if those crashes are uploaded with the next launch. If they are, you should see a new ID associated with each. Please share a couple of those here for me to investigate further. Thank you!

I have done it multiple time but nothing seems to change.

Edit 1 : Should i reinstall browser and do the same?

Edit 2 : Even after fresh install, still same.

Please double-check to confirm you have Automatically Send Diagnostic Reports enabled. You’ll find this option within the settings (click at the bottom-right, then ⚙ Settings, then Brave Shields & Privacy).

It is already enabled

Is this device on a home Wi-Fi connection? Are you able to reach and view, and Lastly, can you confirm that you have done a hard-restart of the app itself (if so, please explain the steps you took to accomplish this)? Thanks! Still looking into this for you.

I am not connected to any WiFi, it’s cellular data and i have reinstalled brave browser this noon.

Edit : I am able to reach and view both websites!

Would you be able to connect to a Wi-Fi endpoint somewhere? I’m wondering if data-restrictions on the cellular connection might be preventing the crash uploads from being processed more quickly.

Edit: Actually, if you reinstalled Brave, the crash data may no longer exist. If that is the case, please keep a close eye on it and let us know if the problems return. If so, submit the crash reports (make sure reporting is enabled in settings first), and ping us if/when a crash occurs.

It worked!!!

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Excellent. It was just a hunch, but I’m talking with my team now to determine whether we should add this as an explicit note on the crashes page for other users :slightly_smiling_face: Anyway, back to business. Let me check on that crash ID for you and see if I can spot something further for us to investigate.

Hoping for the best and if it’s possible let me inform when i can expect fixs?

Any Update on my problem?

@NoName42 Do you have any other crashes in brave://crashes/ that could be submitted, just to make sure we’re honing in on a single issue, and not a couple/few different issues? If so, please submit those, restart the browser (so that they upload more quickly), and then share the Upload IDs here. Thanks!