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Ever since I have use Brave as my main browser in IOS, I notice that it crashes after several hours of accumulated use. Meaning, I can use for a few hours one day, another few hours the next day, then it suddenly crashes. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Zinthos I’ve just looked at their milestone ( and they’re due an update soon; this is the third time whereby they’ve released a major milestone with over 300 issues closed around a 3 week period and I’ve been informed that some of the freezes (unresponsiveness) that constantly occur as well as some of the crashes are thought to be rectified in this major milestone.

UPDATE - It looks like they’ll be pushing the update on or before Fri 13th brilliantly followed by much sooner and hopefully quality updates considering a couple of the following milestones have already been attended to and the fact that there aren’t as many issues compared to this next one (0.19.x).
I would prefer it though if Release 2 of 0.19.x was released together if the issues surrounding 0.19.x are fixed before or on Fri 13th.

Also next time if the issue still persists alongside any other errors, paste your about:brave from help menu.

I’d also like to add @clifton that if this issues persists after this update, would you kindly consider moving your suggestion of ‘graceful restore’ ( to the next update because 1.0 despite being very close is tantalizingly and not in a good way.


Hello @Numpty,

Thank you for the information. I apologize for not putting the About Brave info. It is 1.4.2 ( for Ipad. No worries. I will be sure to do so. Thank you again for your help.




Just to clarify a few items. @Numpty that is the Laptop milestone.

iOS latest release is also being finalized, but will take a bit longer due to Brave’s release resources. Keep an eye out for 1.5, it should include tons of fixes and improvements. You can see closed tickets for the 1.5 milestone on Github.


Thanks for the clarification.

I suppose the correct milestone link would be - (

I honestly find it brilliant seeing the people at Brave working through the milestones. So thanks everyone.

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