CrashHandler process

Hi, since I had Brave nightly installed, I noticed two processes popping up every so often: bravecrashhandler and bravecrashhandler64.
I guess this was normal since if I remember correctly nightly automatically sends crash reports to brave. And when uninstalling it, they have not reappeared. I open this topic to confirm my suspicions

Hi, I’ve got them too… They are coming when computer starting… and they are always running like services.
Yes, thx for confirming if you can :wink:

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From the nightly download page:

Why do you call it a suspicion? It is what you sign up for if you decide to install the nightly version.

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@klompje thx for your constructive answer ! Many thx ! Never hesitate in future :joy:

But sadly in my case, I’m using the “defaultbrowser. That’s why I’ve decided to install a stable and tested version.

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