Crashes & Closes When Attempting To Clear History

The latest iOS release of the Brave Browser crashes and closes when attempting to clear history. It does this on all 3 of my iPads and iPhone 7 as well.
Very frustrating as there is currently no way to delete history…

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Thanks for reaching out to us. I just tested this on my iPad and was unable to reproduce. Going to Settings --> Clear Private Data --> Browsing History --> [Clear Private Data] (tried with just history selected as well as with all options selected) cleared the history as expected.

Did you use this same method? Can you confirm the Brave version you’re using for me?

Thanks so much for responding so quick, I did actually try all the same methods as well as turning off each item one at a time as well as all on, always crash and close.

The Brave version is 1.13

All The Best…

Wanted to update as it does appear to clear just fine on my iphone however no go on the ipads, I applied private mode hoping that would do it but no. Thanks much…

I am having the same issue.

I am having same issue on my iPad. Have tried everything previously suggested But still cannot clear any of my private data. Currently using Brave version 1.13 and iOS version 13.2.3

Same for me. Bombs after clicking Clear Private Data. On restart, presents ‘Well this is embarrassing’ dialog.

Makes no difference selecting 1 or all options in clear private data dialog.

Version 1.13 (
iPadOS 13.2.3

Update: Looks like this is addressed here:

Correct, this will be fixed in next release, this week most likely.

As a workaround you can try to open the brave app in split screen, then the app behaves like it’s on an iPhone and it won’t crash

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