Crashed HD - failed attempts importing brave settings and data from time machine backup

Corrupt Mac HD erased (OS HIgh Sierra)

New user / system (Mojave)

Fresh Brave installation

How to import / salvage any settings including bookmarks / BAT token distributions / etc from time machine back up?

Tried dragging Library/Application Support/Brave folder from time machine backup to new user Application Support folder, but this does not appear to bring over any previous data or settings or restore any familiarity :frowning:

Clicking “Sync disabled / Not signed in” takes me to new user settings, but no sign in option visible anywhere obvious to me in this new version of Brave :grimacing:

Have successfully logged in to Uphold nevertheless - but not seeing how to sync anything anywhere!

Is there a way to import bookmarks and data etc without any exported html file?

Thank you

If you’ve restored all browsing data that you wish to pull from, Open the main menu then Bookmarks --> Import Bookmarks and Settings
Detected browsers should appear in the drop-down box where you can then check which data to import.

I was not able to restore any data at all and there is no detected browser data accessible, at least outside of the time machine back up

I believe I would need to retrieve some specific files from that previous back up.

However, the new install of Brave on Mojave has a different file hierarchy to the previous back up on High Sierra

This may be why none of my old browser data was implemented in the new install of Brave on my new OS - and/or it may be that I dragged the wrong files or tried an ineffective approach ???

@Mattches, likely @Nik have different Brave installation. One with the old Brave (muon) – 0.25.x and the new one is Brave (brave-core) – 0.56.x.

@Nik, what Brave version do you have installed now, and what Brave version were you using that’s backed up on TimeMachine?

yep - current version is
previous version was 2-something - last record I have was 0.22.21, but it was certainly updated between then and now.

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Of course, I also am unable to locate my recovery key for the wallet! :dizzy_face:

So here’s what I would do:

  1. Locate a file called Session-Store-1 in your backup. The directory would be ~library/ApplicationSupport/Brave as you stated before but I’d suggest grabbing that entire Brave folder.
  2. Download and install our Muon (old build) again - You can find the DMG file here.
  3. At this point you should have an updated version of the old Muon build of Brave and be able to access your old data through the browser.

If you can confirm this, then you should be able to import data/settings using the first method suggested. Let me know what you find out.

It’s a miracle! All my stuff is back - thank you @Mattches !!! (and @eljuno :wink: )

So - I actually have, perhaps ill-advisedly? both versions running at this moment.
The “Muon” build is the one I am comfortable and familiar with of course, and does not in itself provide to update to the newer build - so I am not sure whether I can or should migrate to the newer build - if so, how??

Thanks so much :grinning:

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Hi @Nik,

The old Brave (muon) will be replaced by the new Brave. Automatic upgrade is not happens yet and coming in weeks.

I do also still have Brave (muon) installed. For now, you can upgrade to the new version manually by download the new version from . You can use both in parallel. Then you can import your browser data from the old Brave. The welcome tour should have import option.


Perfect. The new version does seem pretty polished, but may stick with the devil I know best for the time being.

Thanks guys :+1: