Crash when using Yahoo Mail Print Menu


Description of the issue: After Brave recently updated, Printing from the Yahoo Mail More-Print menu causes Brave to crash. Printing from the Brave Print Menu does not crash, but of course you don’t really get the email printed, just the Yahoo web page.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Open Brave
  2. Open Yahoo Mail
  3. Select an email.
  4. Choose “Print” from the Yahoo Mail “More” menu.

    Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): Brave crashes

Expected result: The email prints

Reproduces how often: Every time

Brave Version(about:brave): 0.23.73

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): Yes

Additional Information: I tried turning off the Brave Shield and this made no difference. The feature continues to work OK in other browsers.

I wish Brave had an easy way to roll back to earlier versions. Not being able to roll back means we have to stop using Brave for until a few updates go by and we have a chance to try it again.



Could you please go to chrome://crashes and copy/paste the Uploaded Crash Report IDs that correspond to the time when you tried to print? (They’re probably near the top of the list)


cc @mattches


@Boley, I’m attempting to reproduce and want to make sure I’m following the right steps. I’m not sure about the “more” menu you mentioned. I was able to print from Yahoo mail using this button in the top right of the opened email message:

Is this what you’re referring to or are you selecting a different option?


Uploaded Crash Report ID 3dc6af7970529aa9 (Local Crash ID: 415c47a2-9714-4c35-a953-0576b88f433f)
Crash report captured on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 9:13:37 AM, uploaded on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 9:13:47 AM

Uploaded Crash Report ID e448bf2eecbafeda (Local Crash ID: b6440476-4803-48d4-a53d-135a55dcc8a7)
Crash report captured on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 9:03:36 AM, uploaded on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 9:03:45 AM



Thanks @Boley I’ve added these to but could you also take a look at @Mattches question Crash when using Yahoo Mail Print Menu




I tried to reply to his question but apparently the system locked me out after I replied to you. Hopefully the reply on this email works.

This problem actually occurred on a client’s computer. She was hoping I could fix the problem.

Notice that this is Yahoo email for ATT. (ART uses Yahoo for their email.) So it possible that the web pages are a bit different that they serve up for ATT.

On a side note: The current solution is to move her back to FireFox which is slower with dangers from malicious ads, but she said that for some reason printing was much easier. Something about having to first download a pdf and then printing it. Not completely sure what she means by that since I don’t use FireFox, Brave or Yahoo on any regular basis. But I throw that comment in just case it has some use to you.


Boley(aka Bud)


@Boley, the ATT Yahoo! mail looks much different than the one I had signed up for. A couple more questions if you don’t mind, given this new information:

Are you (or I suppose your client) using a AT&T Yahoo! mail app or is the screenshot of what you took a website inside brave??

You mentioned:

Are you (or the client) trying to download and print an attachment that was sent via email? Or are you trying to actually print the contents of the email itself?


That is the screen shot of the website from inside brave. Unfortunately I don’t think you can just sign up for ATT webmail. I think you get an ATT email address by being a customer and then it is handled by Yahoo.

I’m not sure how many other ISP’s (foolishly IMO) do this with Yahoo.

I think I or my wife may still have an old ATT(or bellsouth) account we don’t use any more. If either is still active and clean of any important stuff, maybe I can loan you use of it if you have no other options.


Before we continue, would you mind addressing my question at the end of my last reply:

Thank you!


The crash occurs when selecting “print” from the menu meaning to print the email - not the attachment.

In other browsers this simply results in a typical print dialog. If I understand her correctly Brave behaved somewhat differently before it started crashing in that it seemed to create a pdf of the email, this was downloaded automatically and then she had to select it to print. Not at all sure about this part. I was not able to observe previous behavior, only the crashing.

Further Info:

I attempted to use the standard Yahoo (not ATT version) web client. I’m presented with the same Yahoo login as any Yahoo user, but once it logs in it switches to the ATT version. The Client confirmed that for her it has always been this way.

I found an option to switch to a “basic” email view that has a lot less bells and whistles. In this view it prints with no problems. In this basic view there is an option to switch back to “The New ATT email”. Switching back on the same email we have the same screen you have the screen shot of and once again it crashes.

She says she hopes that no one is spending too much time on this. “She is Fine” with her work around. I told her once we technical types get on the scent of something unusual its hard for us to let it go.



Truer words have never been spoken! Everyone on the Brave team is passionate about keeping user interests at the forefront and we all love to solve problems. This is why you frequently see Brave devs (or members of other teams) responding to support requests across our various channels even though it’s not required of them - they just want to help :slight_smile: So please tell her its no problem at all, and thank her for supporting Brave on our behalf.

But I digress, back to the issue at hand! It seems like you’re convinced that this “new Yahoo mail” is causing the issue and I think I agree. Since I don’t see any issues logged that match this one I’ll be logging one here shortly. Before I do, could I ask for a couple more screenshots from you? Specifically what the “basic” yahoo mail looks like (I imagine its the same one I’m looking at but I just want to confirm) and, if possible, a gif of the browser crashing after clicking “print” in the “new” Yahoo mail you referenced. You can use LICEcap for the gif (very easy to setup and use, and free :slight_smile:) but if you can’t swing it it’s not a big deal.

Thank you!


your best bet is to make sure browser maintenance is ran on those computers regularly. Here’s what we recommend.

You could also advise that folks use ‘basic mail’ on Yahoo in case this is a bandwidth issue. This is generally what we recommend when folks tell us they’re using library computers.


@Boley, just checking in, we’ve had quite a few updates since your initial report. Are you still experiencing the same issue?


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