Crash When Sitting With Empty New Tab (v1.45.116)

When I leave a new (empty) tab sitting for more than a few seconds (~8), Brave crashes. I first noticed this when attempting to do mathematical operations in the address bar but have experienced crashes even when just a simple new tab is sitting somewhere in my multi-window brave setup.

Thankfully, the tab restoration works flawlessly so it hasn’t hindered work too much, but it is annoying for Brave to crash when simply leaving an unused tab.

I’m currently using the Brave rewards screen with a custom image as a background. I also have just Brave rewards and in my right-most bar. I have news turned off.

After upgrading to v1.45.123, I am no longer experiencing the problem. Either the update did something (but it doesn’t appear this bug was addressed in the release history), or the full restart restored something awry.

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Hello @sempere, thank you for bringing it up. Keep in mind that whenever Brave keeps crashing, you should check your extensions and remove them and relaunch the browser because mostly it causes the crash issues. Hope it helps. Regards.

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