Crash, then all windows from last session are gone


I’m almost done with Brave. For different reasons, the last one happening today after I updated, Brave hard-crashes, then when I re-open Brave all my windows that were open are gone. I keep windows open for later viewing. This is probably the 5th time it has happened. Extremely frustrating behavior for a Browser. Especially when the only option for this is to scour history to figure out what you may have wanted to get back to.
And yes, I try to utilize things like Pocket.


Hi @JASHome,

I’m sorry you experience this. Just to make sure, are you set Brave to start with windows/tabs from last time?


@JASHome Could you please update to 0.16.9 and confirm if the issue is fixed?


I do have that preference checked and it works as expected. When I
encounter a hard crash it forgets or looses my tabs.


Hi @JASHome.

Do you see the crash happening on any specific sites that you try to load/login? We did a hotfix release 0.16.9 which addressed the unexpected crash when users try to login to sites. I would request you to kindly update the browser to the latest version and give it a try.



I have the latest browser version and always keep it up to date.
The crash happened again, this time when I closed a tab using the ‘x’.
Since the latest release I now sometimes see multiple Brave helper threads consuming 100% CPU each while the fan goes nuts. I have to then close down Brave completely.

Again, OSX 10.11.6 (15G1510)

I’m really trying to hang on to this browser but it’s getting ridiculous, and worse.


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Did you mean to reply with something?


No just marked one of our developer to have a look at this.


ah, ok. Let me know if you need additional information as to my settings etc.

Where are session store files stored?

Hi there @JASHome,

I apologies for the problems you’ve had. In the case of a crash, we are aware of how the window session data can be lost (open tabs, etc). We have an issue here that you can track which has tasks we need to do to improve the reliability:

In the meantime, if you are opening a lot of windows instead of bookmarking… you can save your session every so-often. The file will be located at “~/Library/Application Support/brave/session-store-1”. I back up this file maybe once a week (you can automate that with cron). Obviously this is not ideal and we want to fix it properly- it’ll just take a while to get there (specific details captured in the above issue).

Thanks for hanging in there so far :slight_smile:


great, thanks. I’ll backup for now.


Sorry I tried looking into Cron but it doesn’t look like it’s very user friendly. I’ve already +1’d my same issue on the Github issue you linked to.

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