Crash/Disappearing Tabs on iPhone


When using Beave on iOS 10.3.1 (iPhone 6splus) the browser often crashes when 4 or more tabs are open.
-This happens when trying to switch back to an older tab
-Brower Crashes & upon restart all my tabs are gone and a single blank page is left
-Changes to settings (ad/cookie blocking, etc) has not fixed the issue. *currently have “HTTP everywhere”, “popup blocking”, “Block Ads and Tracking”, “Block phishing and malware” & “block 3rd party cookies” to the ON setting.


Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention. Do you happen to notice it with specific websites, or have any easily reproducible steps that regularly result in this behavior?


Hi, I tried on IOS 10.3.2 (Iphone6) with 7 tabs open and changing between the tabs and does not give me any fault, with everything activated, except for youtube that I have to remove some shields, I tried to force the fault but it goes well.
If you can, tell me the pages to try to cause the failure.


Hey joel- No specific websites, it happens about 1 or 2x a week. I’ll try and recreate it and see if I can pin down some steps to test it out but If I’m remembering the exact conditions this is what is happening:

  1. Have 3/4 apps open on my phone (Pinterest, Settings, text Messages, and Brave)
  2. Opening up Pinterest articles in Brave & switching back and forth between the 2 apps (with and older tab still open as the 1st page) so the Pinterest articles usually start at #2.
  3. Once 4 or more tabs are opened—
  4. Read an article & when done click to expand the tabs (to close it and move on to the next)
  5. Click back on one of the first tabs opened (usually the 2nd one- on the top)—THIS seems to be when it most often happens; when I attempt to go back to an older tab near the top that hasn’t been selected in awhile.
  6. App crashes and upon re-opening all the tabs are gone. (the history is still listed though)

I will attempt to recreate it though so I can add anything I may be missing to the conditions required to recreate the issue. Thanks for the quick reply!

Thank you for your time.
Warm Regards,


Thanks Jessica. We have had similar reports to this, and sometimes have issues related to the tab view. We will try to increase the stability around some of these tabbing issues in the next couple of releases. We greatly appreciate the level of details you have provided.


Wonderful :slight_smile: Glad I could help!


Just wanted to let you know that the next Brave release will greatly increase tab stability, and hopefully remove some of these crashes for you. Keep your eye out for it :grinning:

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