Crash... and everything's gone

So, my computer crashed on me today while Brave was open and not only are ALL my passwords gone, but also the January payment is no longer visible. Before the crash it at least said my BAT was on the way. Not anymore.
I had Vivaldi and FireFox open as well and none of the passwords disappear from them…
The visual settings were wiped out as well. Not links, tho. Anf it still remember my emails in email fields

Payment went through. Must have gone before the crash. So good news.
But most interesting is that only the passwords and theme settings are gone. Luckily I use other browsers.

You can use dedicated password mangers like bitwarden, which store your password in the cloud via encryption. It is safe and generally more secure/privacy-friendly since your passwords store in brave are unencrypted in clear text.

Also, you can use the brave sync feature, brave://settings/braveSync, which stores your password on brave servers in encrypted format,

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