Crap. Nothing works as should

The 2 factor security never works! Ever!
With any site. Ever.

So guess I’m done w this community

Can log into uphold. Not receiving BAT.

shit show

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2fa? i use 2fa with brave and uphold a lot so …

I’m sure you and plenty of ppl do.

It just never works for me.

I made sure the email for Authy matched the email for the site, etc etc
Nothing works.

It’s never worked for me. Can’t see what I’m doing wrong but it just denies the 6 digit code everytime.
So annoying.

Do you also use the chromium version of Brave, or are you still with Muon?

I couldn’t tell you. I’m no computer or phone expert.

I use it on my iPhone 8 whatever that is

All I know is my Authy gives me a code and I put it in and it doesn’t work. Never has.

I’m in New York. Maybe that has something to do w it.
We’re behind on everything.

Uphold told me something way different yesterday in regards to 2fa and authy after reading this I’m a bit confused in regards to 2f apps. Other than that authy is still supported by brave right?

have been using Authy before I came on the Brave train and I haven’t had issues

For anyone watching this thread:
If you’re encountering issues with your 2FA and your account, we’re more than happy to help. But in order to help, you’ll need to provide adequate information about your issue before it can be addressed.

All I know so far about the issue you’re encountering is that 2fa

And you’re using an

Which I assume means you’ve installed Authy on your iPhone but maybe you’re also trying to login using your iphone? Not entirely clear.
I’m going to close this thread and leave this link on how to reset your 2FA for your Rewards/publishers account.

If you’re still unable to authenticate, please open a new topic and ensure that your post reflects the template and guidelines and we’d be more than happy to assist you.