%Cpu and ram limiter


it would be cool if brave had an option for limiting cpu and ram usage.

for me it would help when am playing a crazy cpu killer game and i want to watch some youtube while am doing that.

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A CPU and Memory limiter is impossible, you see Opera GX having it? it is a gimmick, it doesn’t work. Browsers have many processes which are isolated from each other, each tab is a process, each service, audio, network, GPU, are a process, each extension.
So it is not needed, and you don’t need it today.

If you want to let your videogame have more CPU available, then use CPU affinity or priority.
The first one, is the one where you can set a program to work in specific cores, so you can use 1 core for the browser and then the rest for the videogame, not all games are multithread so that makes it easier.

Priority, is the one is self explanatory.

The thing is to set priority in browsers is complicated, since it doesn’t work in all processes, they do their own thing and the only way is to manually change all their priorities with CMD or PowerShell.
For example, there is the WMIC command
where you use something like: wmic process where name="brave.exe" setpriority 64

'what 64 means and the other options

idle: 64 (or “idle”)
below normal: 16384 (or “below normal”)
normal: 32 (or “normal”)
above normal: 32768 (or “above normal”)
high priority: 128 (or “high priority”)

This will find and set all processes to the priority you want, but obviously only works if you do it manually.
You can use it in combination with other methods but it is still not perfect, this is why I say OperaGX limiter is a gimmick, browsers are too complicated for an extension to be able to limit anything properly.

There is START command and a Registry way to achieve Operaning programs with specific priority, but they don’t work as expected in Browsers because all the child processes a Browser opens and closes, so it will only work for the first ones but not really for the ones that get opened later for new tabs and all that. and GPU never gets affected by it, or extension processes.

But for Windows you can use these features to start programs in certain priority:

START comand:

for example in a shortcut you could use %comspec% /c start /LOW Brave.exe or start /LOW brave in CMD.
You will see easily how some processes get the low priority while others stay in normal or higher priority.
But you can get more settings for Priority and Affinity from here https://ss64.com/nt/start.html


This is a better way because it works without you having to input anything or modifying the shortcut, and also it is good for videogames that don’t let CMD or have launchers, like, I used to use it for Paladins.

All you to is create the name the key with the name of your process here: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\ and add a DWORD CpuPriorityClass with a value of 1 for low priority

Other Priority option:

1 Idle
2 Normal
3 High
5 Below Normal
6 Above Normal

So it looks like

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\brave.exe\PerfOptions]

But it is not perfect either, you will notice many child process just won’t inherit the setting you set there either, better than START but still not great.

I would say the better way to do this is by using a 3rd party program for it that can set Priority and Affinity, the only drawback is that you have to open the program first, but there is System Informer (previously Process Hacker), and it has a way to ‘save’ the priority and affinity, it will work in the way WMIC does it, so it works in all processes, and does it easy since there is no typing or anything, it just works, for any new opened process.

And well, about a Memory limiter, that’s really not a good idea either, because Memory is there to be used, memory not used is memory wasted, if you want to free memory, then close tabs or disable extensions, that would be the best way because again, each process is independent.
If you want more memory, then buy more memory for your system, which will not cost you too much in these days.

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