"Covid Ivermectin" search: no suggestions

Considering that Brave search has its own database, I thought a search for Covid Ivermectin would produce search bar suggestions. It didn’t. I tried it in DDG, qwant, swisscows, and no suggestions there either, but I know they contract out a database, probably Bing’s, so I didn’t expect much.

I like Brave Search and have been using it for a week now, but this was a disappointment.

Seems to be working OK now.

No, I’m referring to search bar suggestions, not search hits.

Well, I think the results you get back in the search bar are somehow based on results coming back from your default search engine. I could be wrong.

But if that is correct then maybe if we had more insight into how that works it would be useful. I tried some similarly “controversial” search strings and got results, and you can see in the above reply there were also results, so it must be related to how the browser chooses which results to show or not show in the URL bar.

When I say ‘search bar suggestions’, I’m referring to the on-page search bar at search.brave.com, not to the address bar of the browser. As such, search.brave has no way to access anything from the default search engine set in the browser. And in my case that happens to be search.brave anyway.

Here’s a cap of the process. This is all on the brave search page.

This is clearly an intentional suppression of information. And it is information that could well be vital to the health of many.

It isn’t very effective “suppression” when just hitting enter fetches the lot.

The intention remains.

Yeah, I can confirm that we’re not intentionally suppressing this information at all.

Not entirely sure what the cause is here – can reach out to our Search folks for more information. But it’s a coincidence that the string you’re searching is “controversial” and not showing results. I’m 100% confident that if you keep trying, you’ll find other strings – “controversial” or otherwise – that don’t return search bar results all the same.

Nothing insidious here.

Curses! Foiled by some clever individual hitting enter. :sunglasses:

I did reach out to the Search folks, via Feedback, and now here. I don’t know how else to do so.

When you say you can confirm, does that mean you’ve examined the algorithms? I’m not sure how to understand your statement.

That statement is obtuse and inane, and adds nothing to the conversation.

Looks like a cover up.

What are the Brave devs hiding? :sunglasses:

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I meant that “I can reach out to them”, which I have and they’ve confirmed that we are not censoring any content in this way.

Thanks for reaching out. On further investigation, searching for covid treatment ivermectin does bring forth suggestions. The problems seems to be the early stage of maturity of the search.brave database and its algorithms, nothing sinister.

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