Country issues , wrong country

I have a problem with verification. Because I think I downloaded the browser while I was on vacation. I live in England - London. Can you change my location so I can contact Gemimi. I saw that England is on the list of confirmed countries.

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Did you choose the region as any other than the UK? Check at brave://rewards-internals

If yes, then just reset Brave rewards and choose UK (only if your KYC documents for Gemini were from the UK, if any other region then choose that region in the select region prompt)

BTW, next time it will be good to share what error you get. Using the information i assume you mean the country mismatch error. If any other then different steps.


Rewards country: GB
How to reset ( delete and download again ) ?

Are your documents for KYC from UK ?
If not, then what region are they from ?

i reset them but still nothing. My documents are from my country im not GB citizen.

What country are you from ? that is what I am asking.
Are you from a region listed at

no is not there …im from Bulgaria

As you can see, Bulgaria isn’t listed at the above page. That is why you get the error.

soo s@@@@pid ok what i have to do now. If i make new registration they will block me or no because i have UK driving licence.

ty very much for your time

No. Its not Stu p i d. Its cause the region is decided by ‘where you are from’ not ‘where you currently are’.
You could raise a ticket to Uphold at

If your account is with gemini then raise ticket at

Ask them to update your KYC with UK driving license

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