Country Changed , I cannot login with uphold

I changed my address on uphold and I cannot login in with it into brave rewards, What should I do?

What error do you get ?

I also changed the address to belgium.

That is not enough. If your ID you sued for KYC / AML at Uphold is not from a region listed at

it’ll cause this issue. It is because Brave’s API only sees the KYC document nationality, no address and other data. So if your is not from a region listed, you’ll still be from an unsupported region even though you currently reside in a supported one.

You can ask Uphold to update your KYC to a belgian one, if you have an ID from Belgium.

  1. Did you use Belgium ID when verifying with Uphold?
  2. If yes, is your Brave region also set to Belgium? You can check your rewards country here brave://rewards-internals/

They need to match. In this example if #2 is set to a different country you may need to reset (and lose your BAT) so that you can reselect and choose Belgium.

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