Country change and no conetion between brave and wallet

hi, i started using brave when i was in portugal, now i emigrated to switzerland.
so my uphold account is regitred in PT but my new pc as brave from CH.
i it wont conect between browser and wallet to receive rewards.
is there any option that i can change to make it work, or must i create new wallet in CH?


You will want to update your information with them. When you get a government ID for Switzerland, you will want to provide that. They often need it to be at least 3 months old. I’m not sure if you have passport, drivers license, etc from there yet. But you always want to keep this updated.

Until you are able to switch your Uphold country to represent where you really are, you’ll probably want to leave your browser alone. However, you will eventually want/need to reset your Rewards so you can choose Switzerland as your country.

The country you choose in your browser when setting up Rewards MUST match the country you have verified with in Uphold, primarily going by your passport or ID. If they don’t match, it won’t let you link your Rewards to Uphold.


There’s always a small chance that until you’re able to change your country in Uphold and change your Rewards to Switzerland, that your Rewards might get flagged. It is a small chance, but if it’s seeing you registered for one country and viewing ads in another, the system might think it’s fraud. If this happens, you may need to create Rewards Support Ticket to explain your situation.

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