Couldn’t claim my rewards from April

Hi, I’m using ios and just updated my app to v1.16.2.

I know there was an issue with rewards claiming but I thought it will be fix in the new version. But unfortunately still having issues after updating.

Just wondering what is the status now with the claiming issue?


I’m in the same place. I click claim and get the error. Have photos and video if error, but new users cannot upload.

Version 1.16.2 (

Hi @tugushk - thanks for reporting. Is you close and re-open the app, are you still unable to claim?

Hi @steeven,

Nope. Even if I close and re-open the app, i still couldn’t claim the rewards.


I just got the latest update for ios

Version 1.17 (

But still I couldn’t claim my BATs.

Hope someone is looking on this issues. Thanks!

Hi I’m either not able to claim my April rewards. Claiming the May rewards Has worked.

So, I’m able to claim my Jun reward but still encountering issues with my May reward. Hope someone is looking into this.


No April, no May, no June. Still getting the error pop up.

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