Could we stop Youtube videos from playing in a background tab for as long as we never looked at the tab even once?



I am very pleased to be able to play YouTube videos in a background tab. This way, I can listen to podcasts/songs on YT while doing other stuff with my phone. - Great!
However, could you make it so the video only loads/plays after we looked at the respective tab once first? I often browse the web/YT startpage and open videos I’d like to watch in a new tab. Oftentimes they then start playing while muted (this is a youtube feature on mobile I think) - it drains battery and wastes mobile data without me knowing it. Could you make it so it only starts loading/playing once I actually looked at the respective tab? That would be perfect.

Thanks in advance.


@BraveNew you can disable autoplay via Settings > Site settings > Media. This will prevent page from auto-playing video but still let you play video in the background.

Hope that can help.