Could Brave work on ChromeOS with LaCrOS?

I know this was mentioned here a while ago, but the thread was closed and a lot has happened in this since then.

Google has been working on a project to separate
the Chrome browser from Chrome OS, since as of now the two are heavily intertwined and that made it hard for Google for develop for. The project is called LaCrOS, short for Linux And Chrome OS, since LaCrOS uses what is essentially the Linux build of Chrome. It’s supposedly going to release later this year.

Since Brave is Chromium-based and runs on Linux just like Chrome does, would that mean it would be possible to use Brave on Chrome OS, or even replace Chrome with Brave on it?

As per my understanding, it should work.

Brave works on linux, and is based on chromium. So if chrome browser will work on the new OS, then for sure brave will work the same way.

Also, google is pretty relax compared to apple in this department. Google will make sure that not only chromium browsers work perfectly but also gecko browsers and even webkit

Yeah, I was thinking that it wouldn’t be an issue for the platform at least in terms of software compatibility. Since ChromeOS is now essentially a very heavily modified Linux distro since Chrome is not decoupled from ChromeOS.

I do see a few problems with it though.

Since Google is primarily an ad company, I’m not sure how they would react to having a browser designed to block ads, especially theirs, on one of their platforms. Although ChromeOS is targeted at users who arent tech-savvy so I doubt many of them would bother switching from Chrome.

My second concern is that ChromeOS would need some kind of unsecure method to install Brave outside of CrOS’s Linux sandbox, which I was thinking would be the best option since Brave is already available on Linux but would have to be emulated on CrOS as of now. Google is very heavy on CrOS’s security and a lot of that comes from it’s restrictive nature. I’m sure a lot of cyber attacks are started because of human error or ignorance, so Google tried to combat that in CrOS by making it harder for laypeople to mess around with things they don’t understand.

So really if Google doesn’t stand in the way I would think it would work but I’m not sure since I don’t know the full extent of how CrOS would work now and how different it is from regular Linux.