Could a Brave messenger work?

Hey community.

I absolutely love the brave browser, so much so that I uninstall or disable as many apps as I can and just use the brave browser instead.

Facebook app - gone
YouTube app - gone
Twitter - in the process of getting rid of.

Facebook messenger - stuck using :frowning:

Is there a way we could build a messenger that could interact with other messengers so that we don’t have to let facebook, and the like, have access to our data and phones?

So our messenger needs to access Facebook’s messenger, and be able to give FB messenger the info/pictures/access to microphone and camera it needs so that it works smoothly, but without letting FB messenger have access to ALL the data on the phone all the time.
So let’s say we allow our messenger access to all the photos, microphone, and so on… but when facebook looks into the app there isnt anything for facebook to see, and the microphone is turned off and there isnt a camera it can turn on, because is only has access to what is inside our messenger

Is any of this possible?

Thanks is advance everyone who reads this :slight_smile:

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