Cortex XDR Blocking Brave Installation/Update

My work runs Cortex XDR which is some sort of cyber security software. It prevents me from upgrading and/or installing Brave. It claims that “Suspicious executable detected.” It didn’t used to do this.

I can’t even open up Brave anymore.

What’s more, now even when I’m not trying to use Brave, it gives me these pop up notifications that I have to exit out of.

And I can’t get rid of the notifications because, even if i wanted to, I can’t uninstall Brave because Cortex XDR blocks that activity as well.

Anyone have any suggestions for how to get around this. I’m hoping that the developers of Brave can work with the developers at Palo Alto Networks (the folks that built Cortex XDR) and get them to understand that Brave is not suspicious software and it should not block it.

But, until then, any suggestions?

Hi and welcome to the community. In this instance, it is probably your Network Administrator who has limited what software can be downloaded/installed to your work computer. You will probably have to get in touch with someone in the department that administers your network to get approval to download and install Brave to your work computer or to whitelist Brave for the network.

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