Corrupted error when opening pdf, url not ending in pdf



OS: Windows 10
Brave Version: 0.20.30
Recreation instructions:

  • Open PDF file that does not use the ‘.pdf’ ending in URL
  • PDF viewer shows error, as seen in screenshot

The error does not occur in Microsoft Edge.


Is it not because of the fact that Brave does not name pdf downloads as “.pdf”.
One has to save the file with .pdf then only pdf programs read this.

If so, this is a known issue with Brave.


Perhaps. I can download it as a pdf, but not open in the browser. I did not see that on this forum when searching under pdf. I just want to make sure this was indeed a known issue. Thank you for your response.


File extensions are not auto-added when file name is changed. This is a known issue. There is a fix in 0.21.x where file extension is auto included so changing the file name retains the file extension. Here’s the fix for reference

@nellaiseemai Do you mind sharing the full link where you are seeing the error for opening the pdf


Thank you. I am a new user and just wanted to make sure this was indeed a known issue. I appreciate everyone’s help.


@jdenbley do you mind sharing the link for the pdf so that we can investigate what is causing the error and not loading the pdf in browser


It’s from a password protected site so I can’t share (child’s information on it). I did find that when I copied it into email and clicked on it, it opened fine in Brave. But when copied the link into the browser, it gave me the original error. Is there a part of the link I could share that would be helpful?


cc @clifton for more info on this. Could be due to the iframe blocking on the page.

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