Correcting an inaccurate search result

The search result for Vincent Longo ( is innacurate. It combines info for two men, both named Vincent Longo, one a print making artist; the other a famous make-up artist. This AI generated result does injury to both.

@flgreene13 thanks for sharing, but if you could, it would be much more helpful if you use the feedback options from within Brave Search so that it goes directly to the Search engineers.

If you don’t know how to do that, when you do a search you’ll see a tiny image on the upper right of the Brave Search page (not your browser, but the site).

Click that and it opens a side panel like below:

It has a Share Feedback button.

Do that and then provide details


Thank you! That’s just the information I wanted!! I will follow your advice and see what I can do.

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One thing I didn’t mention and want to say is they don’t respond and there’s no timeline on them seeing and fixing information. I’ve seen them handle some feedback in a matter of hours and others took a month or longer.

It all comes down to how much they are juggling and trying to accomplish. But they do definitely get to it and make corrections or improvements when possible.

Thanks! I just provided my feedback. (Having just written the wikipedia bio for Mr. Longo, I was concerned to see this confusion on Brave.).