Correccion en español


Hola a todos. Por favor me pueden ayudar. Cuando escribo o estoy realizando escritos en español, Brave me muestra todas las palabras con la linea roja ondulada debajo de cada una indicando escritura incorrecta porque las considera escritas en ingles. ¿Alguna forma de solucionarlo?

Hello everyone. Please can you help me. When I write or write Spanish, Brave shows me all the words with the red line wavy below each one indicating incorrect writing because it considers them written in English. Any way to fix it?


@Ghermain we’re currently tracking the issue here :

I think lately more people seem to be noticing it, so I’ll be sure to bring it up in the latest triage meeting.

If you watch the ‘milestone’ value on that page in github you should know when it will be released.

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