CorelDraw Online Crashes Android Brave

2019 CorelDraw Illustration Suite introduces online editing capability from the browser. I logged in originally using Chrome from my laptop just before switching it to Brave.

It was 5:00 AM PST and I was playing around, checking email and stuff, and thought . . . hey let’s check out the Corel online app.

I have a Moto Z(2) Force Edition running Android 8 with the current version of Brave as my default browser.

The online application is not a standard Google Store app but a browser implementation at

The browser initially renders the Corel logo as the app loads beautifully then suddenly it disappears leaving the standard “Ah Snap!” with sad computer face thingy staring at me.

When I click on the suggestions link below to the Ah Snap, it brings me here to the Brave support community forum.

I would of done a screen capture but it doesn’t show any useful information really.

I have tried this repeatedly with the same results.
I am going to load the Firefox and Chrome browsers to check if this is unique to Brave or if it doesn’t work on Android, or if there is a problem with my Android configuration of a memory limit.

This is whatever the most current standard Brave for Android build is that is having the problem. Oh, I am also going to try forcing Desktop Mode to see if that makes the app work.

See you back here later . . .

Hi, just checked Desktop Mode and it was an instant fail too.

Is the behaviour same on Chrome for Android?

No, I finally reinstalled Chrome for Android and it functioned without any problem.

Just re-tested brave and got the “Oh Snap!” crash error again.

Thank you for reaching out with us. Testing on my end, I was able to reproduce the same behavior you describe in your report – I’ve opened an issue in our Android repo for the developers to review which you can track here: