Copyright Strike

Hi guys, I just got an Copyright strike for doing a video about Brave on my youtube channel. This is a mistake, can I do something about it ?

Can you elaborate?
If you got a copyright strike, it’s highly unlikely it was from up, but was likely from Youtube Did you have any copyright protected content featured in the video? Even if it was just for a second?

Seems like a standard Youtube copyright issue – not something we filed or invoked. Please contact Youtube Support for help with this.

But does “BRAVE LLC” has anything to do with Brave ?

Looking into this now. Did you use any of Brave’s official promo videos or anything else that may have been considered “stolen material”?

Hi, the issue is fixed. It was a fake complaint from a person. Youtube restored the video, and removed the strike. I used only my content in the video. But it’s fixed now, thanks for all the responses, keep up the good work.

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