Copying URL addresses from videos

So I’ve noticed something new. Whenever I copy-and-paste a URL for a YT video into a Pages document, instead of getting the URL I get a mini-screen of the video. Clicking on that brings me back to the video. I don’t want the screen in my document, just the URL. I haven’t changed any of my Brave settings. Thank you in advance for helping me.

Hey @Mars !

Does this also happen when you copy the URL from another browser?


Yes, it also occurs in Safari, BUT for some reason your reply made me curious about how I’ve been copying the URL. In the past copying the entire URL wasn’t a problem, i.e., by including “http://”. So what I did was leave that out and just copied starting with “www.” and voila, I now get the URL address w/o the damn photo of the video.

However you mind-melded me, thank you sincerely!

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Glad to indirectly help! :smiley:


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