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Briefly, in Firefox, I can copy the history file, places.sqlite, to another computer to access the history and bookmarks. I would like to do that with Brave as well. I am using Windows 10.

The scenario is this… On computer A, in a seperate location, I have a history that I want to access temporarily on Computer B. In Firefox this is simple to do. I rename the places.sqlite file to places.sqliteXXX. I then copy and paste the places.sqlite from the remote computer into the relevant folder on Computer B. At that point, I can then load Firefox and find what I need in the history or bookmarks.

When done I simply delete the copied file and rename the original one back to places.sqlite to put everything is back to the way it was. This is very handy and extremely quick. It is also great for backing up as one can get away with only backing up a single file if only interested in history.

So the question is as stated above, what is the file that contains the history? I assume, perhaps in error, that I can do the same type of procedure with Brave, but time will tell on that.


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