Copy & Paste issue


  • i. Windows 7

  • ii. Latest version downloaded - no idea where to find those details!

    • i. Used Brave for many months
    • ii. I update any time i am promted
    • iii. Found that i can not always copy and paste after last update.
      iiii Made a video but can’t upload
      v pasting a copied url either results in nothing happening or pasting a previously copied bit of text


Hi @KJeeMusic,

You can find your Brave version via Help menu > About Brave. Or type about:brave in URL bar. :slight_smile:

Also, we’re currently tracking this issue on this thread: Copy and Paste not working Please continued the discussions there.

We have an item logged in GitHub

Additionally, many users report that if you disable tab previews this helps to alleviate the copy/paste issue. You could try this and see if it helps.

I’m going to close out this thread as we’re tracking this issue on the one I linked.

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