Copy/paste images doesn't work


Brave 0.13.2, Windows 10 Home (64 bit), Samsung 9 Plus laptop

If I go to a website with an image, say:

(though every site behaves the same way, not just bing pages) and right-click->Copy Image, then go to an Outlook email and Ctrl-V for paste, no image is pasted into Outlook. If, in Outlook, I select the Paste menu on the toolbar and select Paste->Keep Text Only, I get the text for the url:” , but not the .jpg

So, something was Copy’d, just not the image.

This is true of any website. In order to copy/paste an image, I first have to take the extra step of saving the image from Brave to my computer, then opening it and copying it with a graphic program, then it pastes correctly.

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Thanks for the great writeup!

It appears as though we are tracking the issue here:

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