Copy/Paste does not work?


I cannot use copy/paste in Brave but can elsewhere. I have had it work, seemingly at random, a few times, but it almost never does—which makes Brave near impossible to use much of the time. I don’t want to go back to Chrome, but this is terrible. Is this a known issue?

I can try both ctrl+C and right click context menu and neither works.

Versin 0.22.727 on Linux Mint

Copy and Paste doesn't work?

Hi @quintusfabius,

Can you try with the latest version (0.23.31) and see if the issue still exist?
Thank you,


I have 0.23.31 and cannot copy and paste in Google Docs. I get a pop up telling me to add Docs offline copy and paste extension. When I click “install” I get an immediate message “failed to install.”
This is a bit of a deal breaker fellas - are you able to sort this please?


Hi @lazza58,

That’s different copy-paste issue. :slight_smile:
You can try the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + C for copy and Ctrl/Cmd + V for paste as a workaround.
A logged issue


I did try it. It doesn’t work. Any idea when this is likely to be fixed? I can’t work on this browser without this function