Copy feedback OSX Brave 0.14.1


Well it’s a bit more broken now. There is a paste option in the contextual menu and paste highlights the menubar. Copy doesn’t nor does it actually copy anything.


Are you using the latest version of brave? 0.14.1? :wink:


Yes. You should really be able to post replies with a yes or no response that’s less than 20 characters… :grin:


Don’t take this as condescending, but Have you tried rebooting?
I just did the update to 0.14.1, and there was some funkiness on first launch, but a reboot seems to have fixed it and made this version seem snappier than ever.


Wow, I actually just came back from a reboot to post after reading about global clipboard failure throughout OSX… That’s never happened to me before.


Sorry - didn’t see that it’s an OSX thing. Ubuntu is fine…so far.


Still not seeing copy feedback from menubar like paste and other keyboard shortcut functions. At least it works though.


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