Copied profile goes to unverified state

I’ve a saved brave profile from brave://version/ ->Profile path, after replacing the Brave-Browser file with the saved profile, it shows up as verified for a few seconds and then proceeds to be unverified. @Mattches @SaltyBanana Can you let me know what needs to be done

First question: did you ensure that you had the latest version before copying the profile?

Second question: what happens when you try to reconnect to your custodian (Uphold/Gemini)?

  1. Yep i’ve the latest version
  2. Im in an unsupported region, so i cannot even try to reconnect

Then you have your answer. It cannot show verified because you cannot connect.

It didnt work like this previously though, if you had a verified profile and copied it, it was supposed to remain verified i think

why did you copied your profile ? are you trying to get paid twice by connecting it on your custodial wallet? that’s the reason why your region is unsupported cloning profiles to get more BAT LOL AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA

If you are in an unsupported region, then you will not be able to verify your profile.

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