Copied Brave data, wiped disk, reinstalled, copied brave data, getting network interruptions

As title states, I had to wipe my drive so backed up Brave data folder. installed a new OS, installed a new copy of Brave. Before first running Brave, I copied the Brave data folder and overwrote the new copy.
I’m getting a lot of network errors and blank screen in Brave that states there has been a network reset. Makes me a bit paranoid about a MIM attack, but can also see that there might be a key or something that would recognize that something isn’t right. Also getting error messages that something has reset my settings to default. I go thought, tell it to reset all to default and the cycle continues.
No, I didn’t verify the download this time with GPG / PGP, but still have the original to verify once I get that reinstalled.

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Hello there @NoHimSobache please accept my apologies for this issue. On this case, try installing the Beta or Nightly version of Brave to see if the issue persists on those versions.

If the Browser works properly, maybe there’s been a conflict between the files of the backup you created and the new installation.

Be waiting for your response.

I was going to try the same thing on beta, that is to copy and paste the old directory in - but I haven’t and am still getting the network interruption error. Not the error about system settings being reset. Alternating back and forth between the standard release and beta.
I created a VM and am able to get Brave to work without errors in Linux. Very odd.

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Does the Brave work properly if you use a virtual machine that runs on MacOS?

Yes, that’s the weird part. I’m using MacOS, Linus is a virtual machine. Haven’t finished setting up a MacOS virtual machine as both host and guest. if that works then a reinstall of MacOS is the only thing I can think of.

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Please let me know if you are able to properly run it on the virtual machine with MacOS and if reinstalling your OS changes anything.

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