Cookies settings on mobile as on desktop - same privacy, security

Hello, yesterday I got a recommendation for this browser and I was absolutely amazed when I started to use it on my computer. Design, security, cookies, and user-friendliness. Everything is absolutely great. Today I have started to use it on my iPhone, because I do not feel safe with my current browser and my primer impulz to made a change are the Cookies. It is INSANE what people are capable of doing to get money and not to work (getting my digital prints), It cost us a lot of our time and also it is really exhausting to click on 55 or 200 buttons to decline all cookies on most of the pages, to just be able to read few sentences on their page. We deserve the same privacy, security, and possibilities as are on the desktop version because now it is possible only to have it all On or off, nothing between, and also it is not possible to manage it from page to page. Your main goal is privacy and security and this setting is an absolute opposite of it. Most of us use a mobile phone more often than a laptop. Please, give us the same privacy and security where we need it equally or more.

Not needed on Brave. If you’re seeing cookie consent notices, then it just means you have that turned off in your settings. Go look at Shields.

We do, for the most part. iOS actually does run on a different engine than Desktop and Android because Apple mandates that only Webkit can be used on theirs. So as a result, can’t have the Chromium/Blink engines available on other devices.

This is why the settings and appearance is a little different on it. Yet Brave has quite a bit of security on all versions of the browser. You may also want to go into Brave’s settings and check out Shields and all there. You’ll see you can set variations of strictness and even add content filters. We just don’t have the ability to change the strictness of Shields per site as we do on other OS. But things like that are all in the works.

I have it on. It was the first thing that I checked. The only time when the Consent notices are not seen is when I blocked all cookies. And what does that even mean? If the cookies are allowed and this “CN” is not shown, did I allow them the cookies, or what happened with them?

I checked it before I wrote this post. And because of what I could set up and what it really does, I do not have the feeling that it is working ok and that I am safe (look at my Q in the previous paragraph.)

I do understand that iOS is running on different platforms so it doesn’t have the same possibilities. But does it work now in the best possible way for safety? Because I do not want to allow the cookies, only if it is absolutely necessary. And now I do not know what is really happening with them. could you show a screenshot of your Brave Shields & Privacy settings on your iPhone? In particular, I want to see how yours compares to the below:

And actually, from there, one extra suggestion if you haven’t spent time on it, would be to click on Content Filtering that you see on the bottom of that screenshot, and make sure it looks something like below:

@Saoiray My settings.

Try enabling uBlock Annoyance and Fanboy’s Annoyances. They make a huge impact on things we encounter.

If you still keep experiencing cookie consent notices, do a favor and create a topic at Ad-Blocking to advise what sites. It could be that they just need to add or edit the filters for the sites you’re using.

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