Cookies keep resetting on specific sites

Description of the issue:

I have a couple of specific sites that Brave keeps resetting the cookies on.

BBC News page -
Internal Tvheadend (PVR) server

Both sites seem to reset the cookies once a week, but only using Brave. Other browsers do not exhibit the behaviour.

With the BBC, every week couple of blue bars appear telling me “We’re bringing you more stories from England” and giving me the option to change my nation. In other browsers, once I’ve set this once I don’t see it again.

For Tvheadend, it keeps losing the column layout I set, so I have to go back in and tick/untick the columns I want/don’t want displayed. Again, it only resets in Brave and it does it every week without fail.

There may be more sites, but these are the two I notice the most.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Sign in to both sites & set preferences

Expected result:

Expect preferences to remain set and not to have to re-apply settings every week.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.9.72 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

This has been going on since Version 1, when I originally installed Brave. I’ve been putting up with it as it’s trivial to reset, but it gets more annoying every time when I shouldn’t have to do it.

This is correct, related report:

So you’re saying this is intentional?

If so it’s a pretty poor decision unless there’s a user override. It should be MY decision if/when I want cookies reset, not some arbitrary decision some developer thought was a ‘good idea’.

No arbitrary decision, was a security decision:

Sorry, but it is an arbitrary decision. You’re needlessly overriding the user. I’m not saying there’s not good cause for it in a lot of cases, but in setting this global default with no override, you’re interfering with the functionality of an application I use that is private and doesn’t track anything outside my network.

That I’m afraid is a very big no-no and if that’s the way it’s staying, me and Brave will be immediately and permanently parting ways as security should never break functionality.

Furthermore, I don’t use Apple products and have zero interest in anything they do, and just because they’ve implemented something doesn’t mean everyone else has immediately jump on board parrot style.

When I raised this as an issue a couple of months ago (I actually mentioned the BBC website), I was given the runaround - asked about my settings, extensions installed and told to create new profiles etc.

Now I read that this is an implementation.

It’s a pain, that’s what it is. I’m sick of having to input my details every week just to get information which is relevant. As stated, if the browser developers want to have a security trip, fine - have it as a default but allow users to decide if they want it enabled or not.

I keep hearing how great Brave is after having used it for a few months and the shiny wheels are starting to fall off. Some sites won’t even serve to it; e.g. (though that was the last website this happened, I note that this has been updated) and when on the Apple website the Brave Bookmark Bar and Toolbar is like watching the old game of Breakout with blocks flickering off and on.

And I’m sick of YouTube switching Autoplay back on despite being logged in and having it switched off as well as an extension supposedly preventing autoplay.

I completely agree, and as far as I’m concerned it’s inexcusable to break what I consider core functionality.

I’ve stopped using Brave now and am trying different browsers. They all have their pros and cons, but at least I no longer have to keep on resetting my preferences on websites.

And the ‘Safari dun it’ argument is the worst response. I’ve been using Macs for 36 years and up until 2001, I was a devotee, I suppose, but then along came OS X and the attitude of ‘for your safety’. Remembering the ‘1984’ ad became increasingly ironic to the point that it is now satirical.

Limiting user choice is not a benchmark to which a browser marketed using the line, ’it begins with giving you back power’ should aspire.

I’m just thankful that my interest in such matters will wane in the coming years.

I should have also mentioned that it is screwing up the security of my online banking as my MacBook Pro becomes an untrusted device every week and each time, I have to go through an annoying verification process.

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