Cookies cleared (maybe) when changing desktop enviromnents

Description of the issue: Brave auto clears my cookies (maybe) when changing desktop environments

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use Brave on a desktop environment
  2. Log out, then log in with a different desktop environment
  3. Open Brave

Actual results: Cookies may be cleared, signed out of all sites
Expected result: Same cookies for any desktop environment because there is no change in browser storage (maybe?)
Reproduces how often: Always when switching from one desktop environment to another

Brave version: Version 1.21.77 stable
Reproducible on current live release: yes
Additional info: I’m using Ubuntu MATE 20.04 with MATE and LxQT

We do clear cookies more often due to security

So depending when the site cookie was originally set, it maybe cleared

Oh okay, didn’t know that

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