Cookie protection?

Im not sure if this has been asked or considered. But a way to protect cookies from tampering would be great. Ive noticed on certain websites i visit the chat board gets corrupted in a sequence of steps. From my investigations i have found it has something to do with cookies. Because i dont cleae no other data but cookies and the problem resolves it self. In my thinking if the cookies are protected it would stop this from happening all together? Its a nice thought but if i am completley wrong and sound ignorant i apologize. But from my findings it is with the chat board “disqus”. Thank you to anyone who reads! (:slight_smile:

You can edit the shield settings by clicking on the shield icon and making sure the cookies are set to your desired settings. Also, you can go under site settings for the site and make sure the cookies have access.

But is there a way to protect them from being altered?

If the cookies are being altered by the styles shield, you can make sure all scripts are allowed on the website as well under advanced view.

I dont think the browser is altering the cookies. Im almost sure its being done by a third party. I go to site A but site A uses Site B aka Disqus for there chat platform site A somehow infiltrates site B’s stored cookies and corrupts the data.

Alright, I’ll put this on my profile. I’ll see who can help you. :smiley:

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Thank you!!! I hope i sounded kinda smart ! I aint as smart as you guys ill give you that but i have my moments. Lol thank you!!

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